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What about hair and make up? Do I have to have them done? Can I do my own? Do I have to use your stylists?

You don’t have to have your hair and makeup done if you don’t want to—I’m more than happy to shoot you barefaced if you want me to—but if having them done will help you feel more confident, it’s definitely a good idea to have them done.

As for using my stylists vs others:  I use the stylists that I use because I know they know how to do makeup that will look good on camera.  If you have someone that you trust to do your face and/or hair before a photo session that you’re spending so much money on, please feel free to use them instead, even if that person is you.  (But please be aware that if extra editing is required because of makeup/hair styling done by somebody else, there will be an additional charge for that editing.)


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January 17, 2016

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