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Do you have a studio?

No, I don’t have a studio (and you don’t want me to…).  I’m inspired and energized by new locations.  When I’m inspired and energized, I get excited.  When I get excited we have a lot of fun.  When we have a lot of fun we get amazing photos.  We want amazing photos, so…. 

 Where will my session took place?

We can do your boudoir session pretty much wherever you want to, as long as it’s someplace we’re allowed to be.  The majority of my clients choose to have me come to their home (my sister says, “he’ll never look at the kitchen counter the same way again!”), but that’s just one option of many.

A few of the places we’ve used when a client didn’t want to use her home:

  • hotel room/suite (you can tell me where you’ve booked, or ask me for recommendations)
  • B&B (during slow times we sometimes end up with the run of the place, instead of having to stay in one room)
  • friend’s home (yours OR mine!) 
  • private home rented through AirBnB  (soooo many gorgeous, unique places we could use!  You can rent one and send me the address, or ask for my input—I have a wish list….)
  • wooded areas (by their nature they’re fairly private, and there are lots of them all over the DFW metroplex)
  • secluded fields (I know of several, or you can bring me to one that you know of)
  • bars/restaurants   (I’ve gotten access outside of business hours in the past, and it’s definitely within the realm of possibility for that to happen again.)



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January 17, 2016

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