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Welcome to Spellbound Photography!

You’re visiting our site during a time of growth and change, so please bear with us if things are missing, or if they’re different every time you visit for awhile.  Our focus for the recent past has been Goddess Experiences; we’re still figuring out exactly what those are, and we’ve reached a point where we want to offer them to men as well (as soon as we figure out what to call those sessions!).

More information coming soon, and updated galleries as well!  In the meantime, please check out our Facebook page for samples from recent sessions, as well as announcements of upcoming events.



DSC_0452Carole and Clint ensured that our wedding photos and video were the absolute best. I was SO VERY appreciative of Carole's efforts. Not only did she ensure to cover all the aspects of our wonderful day, but she did it in a way that was effortless and endearing. “The Crew “ was unobtrusive and disposition was great- even in nearly 100 degree weather (our wedding was outside). They captured all of the emotions of the day absolutely perfectly.

I think the best thing I can say is that we were allowed to be ourselves. No preset poses, positions, groupings, not even a preset number of photos to be taken. Carole and Clint allowed us to be a happy newlywed couple, they really helped set the tone for the entire event. They really do “See how you feel”.‎

- Trivia Brown


1111Combination: quirky, creative, casual, professional.  I've been a walking billboard since July 11th of this year.  Carole put together the most AMAZING photo album i've ever seen!  I even LOVED the snaps she took just on the fly at our first meeting for my daughter's wedding.  I highly recommend to anyone wanting to record momentous occasions or just stopping time in its tracks.

- Lisa Youree


1119Carole Hayes was our photographer for our wedding in July 2009. We contacted her on a whim, having no referral to her initially. She was very friendly and professional via email, so we decided to move forward with her. She came out to the location where the wedding was being held for a consultation initially. Not only did we click immediately creatively and personality-wise, but she even took some random test shots of me and my fiancee. Without any preparation, these test shots looked better than the photos we had paid someone else to do previously for our wedding invitations!

Long story short-- Carole exceeded our expectations at our wedding. She is a pleasure to work with, has an excellent creative eye and vision, and I know me and my family will agree that no one will be disappointed if they use her for professional photography of any kind.

-Seth Ludeman