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New Moon Ceremony and Bonfire admission

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This new moon in Scorpio is going to be a powerful time of transition—I've been feeling the shift for days already, are you?

I just read that this moon is about embracing the darkness, and unapologetically standing in your power—and to be honest, it scares me… I want to do it, and I WILL do it, but I don’t want to do it alone so, with the help of some friends, I’m hosting this event to help us all step into what’s next for each of us.

I don’t want to miss Ecstatic Dance even for my own event, so we’ll be starting around 10:15-10:30 to allow everyone to stay for closing circle and still have time to get to the Cedars. Some beds are available for those who would like to continue on the experience through the night.

We’ll have:
- live music by Jason Eric Belair and Chris Campbell (please bring instruments and join in if you would like!)
- healing teas by Daphne Moon (one cup free, and more available for purchase)
- spiritual advising by Rev Jason Chaussee
- candid photos by Carole Hayes/ Spellbound Photography with the invitation for a free 15-minute mini-Goddess experience* sometime during the event (sunrise sessions also available)

Tentative plan for the evening:
- arrive and settle in; sage/polo santo/chime cleansing upon entry
- paint your new moon intentions somewhere on your body using henna (provided)***
- dancing around bonfire
- paint what you want to release over/around your intentions using body paints***
- New Moon ceremony by Hannah Luce and cleansing ceremony (wash off body paint and henna; only your intentions will remain)
- closing circle

What to bring:
- Yourself and your intentions for the new moon (as well as knowledge of what you want to release)
- Goddess/ceremonial garb if you’d like that for your photos (we’ll also have some available)
- Gongs, bells, drums, etc…
- 5 dollar love offering (but no one will be turned away)

*I’m offering free 15-min Goddess** sessions to the community as a token of my gratitude, as well as 50% off any full sessions booked between now and November 14.
**for the men, too! (I’m still deciding what to call your sessions…)
***(provided) (Parchment and pens available for those who prefer not to write on their bodies.)

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